DecaHome Kit Built Buildings
Storm and Hurricane Safer Round Homes.
A DecaHome Has A Ten-Sided Pyramid Roof
Held Secure Many Ways to be Storm Safer!
Precision Cut DecaHome Kit Homes have Ten Equal Sides.
Ten-Equal-Sided Foundation and Floor is Easy to Build.
Interior has many 90 degree corners to fit beds, cabinets, showers, etc.
Durable cement composite exterior siding is fireproof and easy to seal.
Now, You Can Easily Build an Energy Efficient,
Low Cost, Storm Safer Round Home
With a DecaHome Kit
+ Detailed Plans and Instructions!

Site last updated on April 6th, 2021

DecaHome (TM)
Round Home Building Kits

A 45ft. diameter single story DecaHome
built by a lake in Nova Scotia.

The DecaHome roof frame kit includes pre-cut LVL rafers and purlins.
Click on photos to see more photos.

The low slope ten-sided pyramid roof
is sealed with a lapping 60 mil thermoplastic membrane having heat welded seams.

First the rafters, then the purlins, then the 2x4 blocking

More 2x4 blocking may be installed flush to the bottom
of the rafters and purlins to make room for a lot of insulation
behind the wood or sheetrock that will be installed on the ceiling.

A single story DecaHome
is easier to build than a three story DecaHome!

This photo and the photos below are of a
three story 39 feet diameter DecaHome built in Virginia

This DecaHome has a three feet overhang.

To see under construction videos of this DecaHome round house built in Virginia.

More DecaHome Photos

DecaHome Kit Info & Pricing

We can help with custom plans, loan approval, and consultation.
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Office Hours 7am - 4pm central time, Monday thru Friday

DecaHome frame kit partially assembled to check fits in Sullivan, Illinois, USA.

Contact via email or send letter to:
Faze Change Produx, 1331 CR 1470E, Sullivan IL 61951.

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