This information was last updated on April 6th, 2021.
Prices quoted on DecaHome Building Kits are valid until December 31, 2021.
The cost of the DecaHome "roof frame kit" is $16,000.
If you also wish us to manufacture the perimeter 2x6 wall frame components,
the cost is $6,000 additional for ten precut 8 foot high perimeter walls
(includes pre-cut framing components for all ten perimeter walls).

All DecaHome roof kits allow for economical R-38
(two layers of R-19) batt insulation in the ceilings.
Please feel free to phone us at 217-521-9294
to discuss what you are considering.

We manufacture one DecaHome roof size...that can
accomodate two building sizes....
a ten-sided home with 12 feet wide exterior walls.
Or, a ten-sided home with 14 feet wide exterior walls.
If you choose the 38.5' diameter home there is a three foot overhang.
If you choose the 45' diameter home there will be a three inch overhang.
The area of a single floor with a 38.5 foot diameter Decahome is 1100 square feet.
The area of a single floor with a 45 foot diameter Decahome is 1500 square feet.

About our Company--Faze Change Produx: Owner: Wil Fidroeff
We have been in business drawing plans and
making precision-cut custom round home building kits since 1984.
Wil has drawn custom home plans and done construction work for about 40 years.
Wil is still intent on making every building better than the one before.
Wil has designed both the EconOdome and DecaHome building systems
to solve problems associated with all home types.

DecaHome building frame kits are precision cut,
stitched together with high performance stainless steel screws,
and held tied to the foundation and wall frame with metal straps.
A continuous high performance cable threaded thru the rafter ends provides hoop tension.
The DecaHome has solid ripped-to-fit 4x6 corner posts
The DecaHome is permanently braced within each wall frame.
The exterior wall covering is used to hold the roof frame secure in high winds.
Oversize sill plates & washers secure the building to the foundation.

In Florida, James & Sheri Richters built a two story DecaHome
that has been approved to tolerate 125 mph hurricane winds.
The main floor that is about 5 feet above natural grade.
This is high enough to be above storm surge in most coastal areas.
The DecaHome can also be built upon concrete piers if desired.
Their e-mail address is
Their phone # is 813-763-1110.
Additional names and phone numbers of references available upon request.

Following is more info about the DecaHome.
The roof surface can be made durable and leak free by sealing the surface
with overlapping 24" wide strips of 60 mil TPO.
The outside edges of the laps are fused with a heat gun and roller.
Heat welding/fusing the seams actually molecularly bonds the surfaces.
The outside surface of the walls may be clad with your siding of choice.
In humid climates it is good to ventilate under the exterior siding.
In all climates it is good to also ventilate under the roof covering.
On the walls and roof, wood strips are attached over sheeting to create an airway.
At the lower perimeter of the wall screening or Coravent
is installed so insects can not enter the ventilation space.
Full wall and roof ventilation feature of the DecaHome has several benefits.
1. Heat is ventilated away to reduce AC costs.
2. The ventilation air space creates a buffer space that helps insulate.
3. The ventilation space dries unwanted moisture to inhibit mold.

A home built with DecaHome frame kit is a special kind of round home
that has been comprehensively designed to be energy efficient, storm safer,
economical and a joy to live in.